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Open Mic

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Open Mic

Monday - Friday, 4-6pm, Weekends Noon-2pm

New Open Mic

We are currently introducing here at Times Supermarket – Mililani a new program to engage our community with fresh young talent that we would like to showcase weekly in our store.

We would be following an “Open Mic” concept where artist / entertainers can come and show off their talents. Due to our limited space, we would only be able to accommodate single or duo acts. Acts are also limited to singing, instrumental play or both. We do have a sound system for their use. If special sound systems are required they are welcome to bring their own equipment.

To kick off our program, we are having the performances start at 4pm and ending at 6pm Monday thru Friday, and on the weekend from 12n to 2pm. We are not requiring a time block for each act. If they can fill a 2 hour set, 1 hour set, ½ hour set would be our preference, but of course we are willing to be flexible should we have longer or shorter sets than we have outlined.

We are not limiting this only to students, but also talented adults who would like to gain some exposure and experience in front of the public. Our only requirement for performers is to sign a waiver of liability prior to performing.

Our main goal here is to have fun, no matter what the talent level is!