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Pizza with a Purpose – Fundraise With Us!

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Pizza with a Purpose – Fundraise With Us!

Fundraise With Us!

Fundraise With Us!

We take great pride in giving back to the communities we call home and would love to help you raise money for your school or non-profit organization. Since 1999, our CPK restaurants across the country have helped raise millions to support local schools, groups and non-profit organizations. Fundraising events are easy to arrange and best of all, 20% of sales generated by supporters of your organization will be donated back to you! To book your next event, contact the management team at your local California Pizza Kitchen or create a fundraising event at



Partnering with local schools and organizations in our communities since 1999—and raising millions to donate—has taught us a thing or two about finding creative ways to take Fundraising to the next level. As your Fundraising pizza gurus, we’re here to help make this process as effective and easy to execute as possible! Here are our favorite ideas and tips for maximizing the impact of your event.


The Fundraising flyer from the restaurant is your ticket to several quick, easy ways to promote. Email it to your distribution list, including parents, teachers and faculty or staff and members of your organization. Post it on your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Make copies and post on community boards in common areas. Distribute at meetings/events, hand out to members, or send home with students a day or two ahead of the Fundraiser.


If you build it (awareness, that is) they will come…or something like that. Share the details of your Fundraiser at upcoming meetings and volunteer events, including member or PTA meetings, pep rallies, sporting events, etc. Request that the event details be shared on school or company-wide communications and announcements. Post the event details on the calendar or home page of your website or intranet.


Make it fun! Challenge groups or classrooms to see who can bring in the most supporters, and award the winner with prizes. (Not to be cheesy, but pizza parties make a delicious incentive.) Friendly Face-off: Choose two classrooms, grade levels, sports teams—or even challenge your rival school—to compete for highest attendance. Themed Nights: Does your football team booster club have a large following? Are your PTA members highly engaged? Theme your Fundraiser to support the group you feel will receive the most participation. Strategic timing helps, too—such as booking an event the night before a big game, or near the start of the school year to welcome parents and students back to school.


Involving the local community with hands-on participation from leadership and VIPs in your organization will make your event fun & memorable. Have PTA members, your school principal or a favorite teacher help greet guests in the restaurant the night of the event. (We’ll give them chef coats to make it official!) Invite local policemen or firemen to make an appearance as guest servers or food-runners. Host a mini mixer at CPK for your board prior to the event.


Feel free to reach out to our management team at any time. We will also check in with you throughout the planning process to ensure your Fundraiser is set up for success!